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   Föreningen för skydd, räddning och säkerhet
     Association for Protection, Rescue, Security and Safety

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The Section for NBC Protection, Rescue and Civil Defence was established in 1996 as a section of the Association of Finnish Chemical Societies (SKS).

The activities of the section were continued by the Association for Protection, Rescue, Security and Safety (association SPT), established in 2010. The association SPT is formally a section of the SKS.


The aim of the association SPT is to serve as a national forum between the experts in the Finnish authorities, research institutions, the enterprises and the communities in the fields of safety and security technologies, rescue and civil defence, and in the fields of protection from toxic industrial chemicals and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) materials and weapons.


The association SPT organises national and international events of public and other interest, makes visits, organises symposiums and training events, and publishes in the areas of its interests.

In addition, the people and members active in the association promote collaboration and networking both nationally and internationally.
  The association SPT organises the tri-annual international NBC symposium bringing up current topics in NBC protection, security, safety, rescue and civil defence.

The symposium provides an interdisciplinary forum for discussions on issues related to protection against CBRN threats, and improvised explosive devices (IED).

The symposia are aimed at decision makers, experts, professionals, security and safety officers, military planners and scientists in the fields of CBRNE defence and security.


For further information on the Association, please contact

Chair Jussi Paatero,
Vice chair Markku Mesilaakso
Secretary Irma Ylikangas


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