The NBC 2009 symposium is proudly sponsored by:

The Association of Finnish Chemical Societies, Section for NBC protection, rescue and civil defence


The section for NBC protection, rescue and civil defence of the Association of Finnish Chemical Societies (Suomen Kemian Seura) serves as a collaboration forum between experts, societies and enterprises working in the areas of safety and security technology, rescue, civil defence, industrial safety, chemical safety, and protection against chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. The section organises training, seminars, and annual national events and visits. It also participates in international collaboration.

CBW Review

CBW Review

The Chemical Biological Warfare Review features in-depth articles on the battle against potential chemical and biological terrorism threats as well as contributions by International chemical and biological defence companies plus news updates on programmes and products.

Lockheed Martin


Lockheed Martin MS2 is a premier integrator of CBRN Defense Systems for both military and civil applications. By providing cost-effective, measurable improvements in protection, response, and restoration, Lockheed Martin delivers systems solutions for CBRN early warning. As a world renowned developer of complex systems, Lockheed Martin combines CBRN Defense expertise with recognized systems engineering an software development skills along with an Integrated Logistics Support structure to provide total system solutions to our customers.



Nordea is the leading financial services group in the Nordic and Baltic Sea region and operates through three business areas: Retail Banking, Corporate and Institutional Banking and Asset Management & Life.

PVTT - The Finnish Defence Forces' Technical Research Centre


The Finnish Defence Forces' Technical Research Centre (PVTT) is in charge of providing the technological and scientific research, development, testing and trialling services that are required by the military defence of Finland, supporting other authorities, and participating in international crisis management events. PVTT focuses on the areas of research that cannot be supplied by the other research institutions in Finland, or where the Defence Forces' own research is deemed necessary.

Scott Health & Safety

Scott Health & Safety

Scott Health & Safety is a significant manufacturer of respiratory protective devices. They develop, produce and market high-quality respirators conforming to the international standards, and have over 60 years' experience of manufacturing personal protective equipment.

SPEK - Finnish National Rescue Association


The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK) stands for national central organisation in the field of fire and rescue service and civil protection. The aim of the association is to promote preparedness of the citizens and community against different risks and accidents. SPEK works in collaboration with authorities and other rescue associations and in very close co-operation with the Regional Rescue Associations.

VTT - Technical Research Centre of Finland


VTT is an independent multi-disciplinary research centre with a staff of over 2,500. It is the largest research organisation in the Nordic countries.