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NOTE: material was available to symposium participants (until end 2009).

Poster session


Alan Traylor, Dycor Technologies Ltd, Canada, Development of a method for conducting outdoor field trials using a Compact Aerosol Test System (CATS) (SYMP.PROC.)


Arto Jäppinen, Defence Forces Technical Research Centre, Finland, The predictions of two fallout models: Comparison of dose rate and dose calculations (SYMP.PROC.)


Günter Seemann & Bruno Elsholz, Dräger, Germany, Dräger mobile CBRN detection solutions (SYMP.PROC.)


Susanna Salminen, University of Helsinki, Finland, Airborne 137Cs, 90Sr and total beta activity in northern Finland in the 1960s (SYMP.PROC.)


Jussi Paatero, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland, Monitoring of airborne artificial radioactivity with total beta counting (SYMP.PROC.)


Markku Kettunen, Defence Forces Technical Research Centre, Airborne gamma measurement for the detection of radioactive materials (SYMP.PROC.)


Harri Toivanen, STUK, Finland & Osmo Anttalainen and Jukka Härkönen, Environics Oy, Finland, Mobile gamma spectrometry with remote data analysis (SYMP.PROC.)


Jussi Huikari, STUK – Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland, A new mobile whole-body counter for measurement of internal contamination in Finland (SYMP.PROC.)


Miroslav Pohanka, University of Defence, Czech Republic, Assay of nerve agents by acetylcholinesterase based biosensor (SYMP.PROC.)


Miroslav Pohanka, University of Defence, Czech Republic, Biosensors performance for testing of drugs modulating cholinesterase activity (SYMP.PROC.)


Wolf Münchmeyer, AIRSENSE Analytics, Germany, Features and use of hybrid sensor array technology – Gas Detector Array for chemical threat counteraction (SYMP.PROC.)


Philippe Prené, CEA French Atomic Energy Commission, France, Development of a sensors array based on quartz crystal microbalances for the explosives detection (SYMP.PROC.)


Anja Suonurmi-Virtanen, Defence Forces Technical Research Centre, Finland, Field studies on the OC aerosol grenade (SYMP.PROC.)


James Clark, BIRAL, United Kingdom, Artificial intelligence techniques for biological detectors (SYMP.PROC.)

Poster !

Daniel Jun, University of Defence, Czech Republic, Development of three-chambered autoinjector with acetylcholinesterase reactivator HI-6 dimethanesulfonate (SYMP.PROC.)


Lucie Musilova, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic Optimization of conditions for preparation of PEG-conjugated phosphotriesterase (SYMP.PROC.)


Stanislav Florus, NBC Defence Institute of University of Defence, Czech Republic, Possibilities of usage a piezoelectric detector to measure the breakthrough time of protective materials (SYMP.PROC.)


Matti Puutio, Defence Forces Technical Research Centre, Finland Micro- and nanofibre filter media - Comparison of performance for NBC filter applications (SYMP.PROC.)


Ullastiina Hakala, VERIFIN, University of Helsinki, Finland, Evaluation of different sample preparation methods for detection of degradation products of mustard gas in decontamination solutions (SYMP.PROC.)


Vadim G. Petrov, Institute of Applied Mechanics UrB of the Russian Academy of Science, Udmurtia, Opportunity of change of use of object on destruction of lewisite in Kambarka (Udmurtia) (SYMP.PROC.)


Naktel Ben Fraj, CRISTANINI S.p.A., Italy, SX34 system for CBRN small and large sensitive equipment decontamination (SYMP.PROC.)