The NBC 2003 symposium is proudly sponsored by:

Jyväskylä University


Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin






Protur - safety, security and civil defence management. Consulting, planning and training services.



Rescue Services of Helsinki


Scott Health & Safety

Scott Health & Safety Oy

Clean air is essential to health. Scott Health & Safety Oy is a significant manufacturer of respiratory protective devices in Europe. Scott Health & Safety Oy develops, produces and markets high-quality respirators conforming to the international standards. We have over 60 years' experience of manufacturing personal protective equipment.
Today, our respirators serve the chemical industry, paper and pulp industry, metal industry, shipyards, nuclear power stations, oil rigs, farmers, fire and rescue services, civil defence and armed forces all over the world.
The aim of our product development is to ensure that our respirators operate reliably under demanding conditions. All the Scott Health & Safety Oy respirators carry the CE mark.



Temet Oy
Temet Instruments
TVI Vision

The Temet Group comprises four expert technology companies:

Temet Oy is the world-leading supplier of technology for shelters and protective constructions designed to shield human lives and important functions against any threat originating from military actions, terrorist activities or industrial disasters. Temet's product range covers blast-resistant doors, blast valves, NBC filters and emergency ventilation systems. In short, all the special equipment, systems and services required to make shelters completely safe against the effects of all emergency situations.

Temet Instruments Oy is the technology leader in the field of multi-component gas analyzers with its rugged series of GASMET ™ FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared) spectrometers designed for on-line, real time use in field conditions.

TVI Vision Oy is an expert company providing leading edge technology in color line scan cameras and related sofhtware for the machine vision market.

Environics Oy is the developer and manufacturer of advanced CWA (Chemical Warfare) detection systems and detection and monitoring networks. Environics was consolidated in the Finntemet Group as daughter company in 2001.


The Finnish Institute for Verification of the Chemical Weapons Convention, VERIFIN, is an independent institute at the University of Helsinki. The institute is part of the National Authority in implementation of the CWC in Finland. VERIFIN works in reseach and development of analytical verification methods and is offering training of analytical methods for experts from developing countries. VERIFIN is an accredited testing laboratory (FINAS/T073) and is a designated laboratory by the OPCW..



VTT is an independent multi-disciplinary research centre with a staff of almost 3,000. It is the largest research organisation in the Nordic countries.