Winning poster:

  • Decontamination Research in Protection and Decontamination, N.Govan, A.D.Ward and R.Eastman, United Kingdom
  • The surface monitoring Fluorimeter (SMF 3), J.Battensby and C.K.Burnell, United Kingdom

  • Decontamination Research in Protection and Decontamination, N.Govan, A.D.Ward and R.Eastment, United Kingdom

  • New Generation NBC Respiratory Concepts, A.Capon, United Kingdom

  • Nuclear Early Warning System, J.Gaspar and T.Csak, Hungary

  • NBC Protection of Hungarian Soldier in the XXI Century, J.Gaspar and T.Csak, Hungary

  • Saratoga™ Intergarments - "Pyjama", E.Hepler, Germany

  • Countermeasures Against Chemical Terrorism in Switzerland, U.Huber, Switzerland

  • Rapid Detection of Botulinum Neurotoxins Using in vitro Bioassy, T.Humppi and T.Haataja, Finland

  • Advances in Detection and Identification Techniques for Hazardous Chemicals, A.Bell, C.Dryer, G.Hodges, A.Jones and P.Jeffery, United Kingdom

  • Modelling of the Initial Effects and Fallout of the Nuclear Weapons, A.Jäppinen, P.Kivinen and J.Jäppinen, Finland

  • A Simple Gaussian Model for the Estimation of Biological and Chemical Agent Dispersion, A.Jäppinen and J.Jäppinen, Finland

  • Is Low-Level Exposure to Nerve Agent Sarin Harmful for an Exposed Organism? J.Kassa, M.Koupilova, J.Herink, Z.Krocova, M.Tichy, M.Pecka, J.Bajgar, F.Skopec and J.Vachek, Czech Republic

  • Finland's Defence Forces Preparedness to Make Airborne Gamma Measurement in Emergency Situation, M.Kettunen, T.Heininen and M.Pulakka, Finland

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Real-Time Radiation Surveillance, K.Kurvinen, R.Pöllänen, T.Valmari and M.Kettunen, Finland

  • AC-simulants: Some Experience, P.Maatela and S.Rintanen, Finland

  • The Theory and the Practise of the Building of the Integrated Rescue System in the Czech Republic, I.Masek, Czech Republic

  • Means for Decontamination of Supertoxic Lethal Chemicals on Human Skin, J.Matousek, Czech Republic

  • Decontamination Research, H.McEvoy, United Kingdom

  • Detection of Organophosphorous Compounds with a Phtalocyanine Coated Piezoelectric Crystal, E.Musluoglu, C.Tasaltin, M.A.Ebeoglu, F.Temurtas, Z.Z.Ozturk and V.Ahsen, Turkey

  • Accelerated Microbiological Analysis for Monitoring of Environment Under Bacteriological (Biological) Pollution and Threat, V.Nesterenko, Russia

  • Desorption Studies of Asphalt Materials, B.L.Ong, S.H.E.Sim, L.Ang and C.H.Koh, Republic of Singapore

  • Monitoring of Radioactivity in the Upper Atmosphere with Radiosoundings, J.Hatakka, J.Paatero, E.Kyrö, V.Antikainen and Y.Viisanen, Finland

  • A Miniaturized Immunoassay Analyzer System for Rapid Detection of Biothreat Agents, T.Palenius, J.Nurmio, A.Kuusisto and P.Tarkkinen, Finland

  • Time Resolved Fluorescence Applied to Detection of Biothreat Agents, T.Palenius and P.Tarkkinen, Finland

  • Technological Aspects of Lewisite Destructions in Kambarka, V.G.Petrov and A.V.Trubachyev, Russia

  • Life Cycle Estimation of Impregnated Activated Carbon in Humid Conditions, M.Puutio, Finland

  • Training emulsion HE-99(T), H.Seulanto and V.Rauhala, Finland

  • A Validated Assessment Tool for Consequence Analysis of Chemical Emergencies - Escape for Windows, K.Riikonen, J.Nikmo and J.Kukkonen, Finland

  • Complementary Method for Skin Protection Against Chemical Warfare Agents, O.Antkowiak, M.Saracyn and M.Kowalczyk, Poland

  • Monomolecular Layer of Organic Semiconductor an Activated Charcoal as Electrochemical Sensor, I.Savu and M.Sonu, Romania

  • Application of Foam as Carriers of Chemicals with a Decontamination Effect, M.Splino, M.Hartmanova and J.Severa, Czech Republic

  • Biological and Physico-Chemical Aspects of Iodophores on the Basis of Molecular Modelling, M.Hartmanova and M.Splino, Czech Republic

  • Using Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy to Identify Bacterial BW Agent Simulants on Man-made and Natural Surfaces, J.Stephens, USA
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