List of Presentations

Plenary Lecture - Environmental Fate Modeling in the Estimation of Prolonged Hazard from Contamination by Toxic Chemicals - Prof. J.Paasivirta, Finland
Management of Environmental and Industrial Hazards on Military Operations - Maj. S.Baynham, Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom
Surveillance of Environmental Radioactivity in Finland - Dr R.Mustonen, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Finland
The Finnish Operational Emergency Model Framework - Mr I.Valkama, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
Concepts of Safety of CW Disposal - Prof. K.Babievsky, Institute of Organoelement Compounds, Russia
Environmental Fate Modelling in the Estimation of Prolonged Hazard from Contamination by Toxic Chemicals - Prof. J.Paasivirta, Finland
USVA - the New Finnish Radiation Monitoring Information System - Mr J.Lahtinen, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Finland
Atmospheric Dispersion of Chemical Warfare Agents in Accidental Releases from Warehouse Fires - Dr J.Kukkonen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland
Session IIa - NBC Threats in the 21st Century
Plenary Lecture - Academian, Prof. J.K.Miettinen, Finland
Is Russia Ready to the Offensive Biological War - Prof. L.A.Fedorov, Union for Chemical Safety, Russia
Responding to Chemical and Biological Terrorism - Mr A.Gould, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
Building a Response to Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism - Mr G.Eifried, EAI Corporation, USA
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Terrorism - Dr O.Mika, The Czech Peace Society, Czech Republic
Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever in Monkey Experimental Model - Dr E.I.Ryabchikova, State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector", Russia
Session IIb - CWC, NBC Arms Control
Strengthening Biological Weapons Convention, Current Phase in Negotiations of Verification Control - Dr R.Visakorpi, Finland
Supporting OPCW Inspection - Dr P.Huysing, OPCW, Netherland
Biological Toxins Included in BTW-Convention - Biological, Biochemical, and Medical Aspects - Dr P.Gopalakrishnakone, Singapore
Chemical Disarmament in Russia: Social Protests - Prof. L.A.Fedorov, Union for Chemical Safety, Russia
CWC Implementation - Challenges for the Scientist - Dr K.Penman, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
Approach to Development of Chemical Weapon Facility Emergency Systems. Prospects of International Assistance - Dr V.G.Petrov, Institute of Applied Mechanics UB RAS, Russia
Plenary lecture - Mr S.Wecksten, Rescue Department of the City of Helsinki, Finland
Swedish Chemical Support Team for the OPCW: a Survey of the Offer According to Article X in CWC - Mr P-E.Kristensson, Swedish Rescue Services Agency, Sweden
Individual Preparedness for Protection Against Toxic Agents - Dr L.Rejnus, FOA, Sweden
Developing Digital Courseware from Multimedia Documentation of Full-Scale Chemical Exercises - Dr L.Rejnus, FOA, Sweden
Computer Aided Interactive Training of Emergency Tactics for Chemical Accidents - Dr M.Mattila, Kuopio University Hospital, Finland
Contemporary Nuclear Detection Technologies for Military and Civil Applications - A Case Study - Dr R.Schnurpfeil, Bruker Daltonic GmbH, Germany
INBDS Integrated Naval Biological Detection System - Mr A.Martin, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
Plenary Lecture - Multifunctional Technology for the Decontamination of Large-Size and Sensitive Equipment Items Following NBC-Attacks and Disasters - Prof. J.Matousek, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic
The Role of Multiparameter Aerosol Analysis in the Detection of Biological Warfare Agents - Prof. J.M.Clark, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
Detection of Biological Warfare Agents by the Physical Characterisation of Individual Aerosol Particles - Mr I.H.Rothwell, BIRAL, United Kingdom
Concurrent Detection of Biological and Chemical Warfare Agents Using One Single Detector - S.Meyer-Plath, Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Germany
Session IVa - Detection
Current Developments in Gene Technology: Impact on Biological Weapons - Dr M.Schütz, NBC-Laboratory Spiez, Switzerland
The Use of Internal Controls to Avoid False Negative and False Positive Results in Environmental PCR Assays - Dr M.Pearce, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
Method for the Determination of Organophosphorus Agents from a Liquid Matrix - Dr K.Tuovinen, University of Kuopio, Finland
Real Time Measurements of CW-Agents and Some Industrial Gases Using a Low Resolution FT-IR Gas Analyzer - Ms R.Kettunen, Defence Forces Research Institute of Technology, Finland
Recent Advances of IMCELLTM Technology and Prospects in Civil Defence - Mr E.Kärpänoja, Environics Oy, Finland
Session IVb - Protection
Filter Residual Life and Adsorbent Condition Monitoring Using In-Bed Thermal Effects - Miss M.J.Rhys, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
Domestic Preparedness Filter, Working Against both Industrial and Chemical Warfare Agents - Mr S.Sandbacka, Scott Safety & Security, Finland
Pressure Drop and Service Life Predictions for Respirator Filter Canisters - Mrs P.L.Phillips, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
Improved NBC Protective Suits for Tropical Environment - Mr B-K.Pong, DSO National Laboratories, Singapore
Detection fo organophoshorus compounds with a phthalocyanine coated piezoelectric crystal - Prof. E.Musluoglu, TUBITAK Marmara Research Center, Turkey
Session IVc - Medical Protection
Antioxidants as Drugs for Treatment of Poisoning by Soman - Prof. V.Tonkopii, Institute for Lake Research, Rus Acad Sci, Russia
SEVEX - Dr A.Dutrieux, ATM-PRO, Belgium
Radiation Inactivation of Biological Weapon Agents - Dr L.G.Gazso, National Public Health Center, Hungary
Assessing and Minimising the Biological Impact of Exposure to Chemical and Biological Agents - Mrs L.Scott, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
 Session IVd - Decontamination
Evaluation of Operational Decontamination Equipment Options for Use with Microemulsion Decontaminants - Mr H.McEvoy, DERA, CBD Porton Down, United Kingdom
Detoxification of Sulfur Mustard with Commercially Available Decontaminants - Dr B.Pedersen, FFI, Norway
A Novel Decontamination Emulsion for Multipurpose Use - Dr K.Nieminen, Defence Forces Research Institute of Technology, Finland
Decontamination of NBC-Protective Garments - Dr M.Endregard, FFI, Norway
Decontamination - Mr R-L.Valero, GIAT Industries; NBC Activity, France

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